The key to fixing anything is to first understand how it works. We have experience spanning forty plus years and have grown keeping pace with the incredible speed of technology, techniques and practices, often writing the changes as we go.

We can do most anything with wood, tile, stone,

sheetrock, plaster and paint.

     We'll give you an honest estimate for the work we can do, and offer you a referral for a trusted

professional for the things we can't do.  If you want us to run things for you, we can do that too.

     We'll manage your seasonal services for you like lawn and patio furnishing in storage and out, winterizing your out buildings, spigots and basement. Clean your gutters power wash decks, walks and siding. Change light bulbs, hang pictures and mirrors, change doorknobs, fixtures and hardware. Adjust a sticking door, cabinets or drawers, repair holes in the roof, framing or foundation. Build a shed, cupola or add dormers. Finish the basement or attic. Patch holes in sheetrock and doors. Fix a leaky faucet or a leaky roof. Replace broken or cracked glass in windows and doors. Paint a room or two or touch-up a few spots. Refinish or install hardwood. You may need us to walk the dog or watch the kids while you go to the store... we've done that too. 

We want to be your handyman or property manager.

"Artfully bringing Tradition...into technology"

             Honest, fair pricing. By the hour or the job. Detailed work description. Flexible scheduling.

                                                       We are registered and insured.

THE PINE CREEK HANDYMAN  &  Home Maintenance


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