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We're passionate about delivering an exceptional  experience... Fast, professional and courteous.

When you choose Pine Creek Handyman, you're choosing a philosophy...a tradition... a way of life, with rigid old school core values, and an aggressive mindset in practicing cutting edge techniques and technology.

With the hard core experience and true creative spirit, skilled to deliver lasting value to your home.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be trusted to handle your project, and humble guests in your home, and are committed to respecting your personal privacy and space.

 You can rely on our professionalism and experience, to offer advice that fits your taste and style, but we'll always give you the final word.

Why Choose Us

  Growing up the son of a builder, and spending summers on my grand-dad's farm, I had little resistance to building and fixing things on my own. Over time I developed an aptitude and a passion for doing it myself.

  So with thirty years of Mechanics Illustrated and Popular Science magazines, encouragement, tips and tricks from 'The Godfather' of all handymen, (my grand-dad), training from the Future Farmers of America and the 4H Club, Crafts, Wood and Metal shop in school, I soon became my grand-dad's protégé, and go-to guy for my friends, family and church. 

  My first ten years out of high school I focused on learning as much as I could of construction practices by working for builders and contractors, while taking care of my family's rental properties.

I took a special liking to kitchens, and decided to specialize in kitchen installation. I did it all, plumbing, electrical, lighting, heat, cabinets, sheetrock, counter tops, backsplashes and so on. Within four months I was among the top six installers in Fairfield County, contracting for the biggest names in kitchen retailers.

  Since then I have taken on all kinds of projects and have been a consultant on hundreds of special projects. Tenured as a Property Manager for commercial entities. Proprietor of a residential service and maintenance company caring for a handful of high end homes in Greenwich.

  I have since retired the heavy construction side of the business, and being very thankful for the opportunities and experiences, feel I can trade the 'raft and the rapids' for a canoe and a calm lake. Taking on small, short term projects. 

  I'll always enjoy fixing, building and making things, and I'm quick to take an opportunity to do them.





We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your handyman projects.We know that time is short, especially for you to enjoy the comforts of your home. So, we want to make the process as fast and easy  as possible for you. We genuinely care about your project and your experience, and it shows.



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